Geographical Norway is leader of our brand portfolio. We as the Scandinavian distributor of Geographical Norway see the brand developing every year, with more and more collections, and all of them are distinguished by its design of models, quality of the materials, and its technicality. The Autumn / Winter collection consists of an Outdoor line with polar fleece, parkas and softshell. Another winter sports line is composed of pants, jackets and ski suits and a line more “Casual” composed of sweatshirts, jogging, shirts, jeans and jackets.



The Spring / Summer collection is divided into several themes always at the forefront of fashion. You will find lines as “Yachting”,” Sport Chic”, “Fashion” … composed of polo shirts, T-shirts, Bermuda shorts, shirts, light jackets and swimwear.

Finally, following the growing success of the brand Geographical Norway, lines of accessories like Luggage and shoes have been developed in the recent years, and they are already fully successful on the market.

Geographical Norway has been established for demanding customers, sports athletes looking for fashion, quality and comfort at the same time. The brand is distributed in sports specialty stores, Websites, permanent stores and ready to wear stores all around Scandinavia