Despite the fact that Tex-Time is a relatively young company, it has managed to expand within a very short space of time. Turnover has developed in one direction only – upwards – which also promises to be the case in the future. Being able to grow in this sense requires hard work, extensive product knowledge and familiarity with the industry, satisfied employees, the right attitude and, not least, satisfied customers. With a positive start-up and 6 years of good results, we expect an exciting future with even more satisfied customers – and of course even greater turnover.



After more than 20 years in the textile business, Morten Jespersen took the decision in March 2010 to establish a foundation based on his own ideas, visions and experience. He wanted to start his own company. He wanted to see things develop, to see results and to create job satisfaction he could share with others. This was the basis behind Tex-Time.

Tex-Time is engaged in the import and export of the very latest goods for the sport and fashion industry. We travel all over the world to secure the right supplier and the right brand – at the right price. We have to act quickly and confidently in an industry where the fashion is ever changing and competition is fierce. We make sure that we exert constant influence, assume responsibility and provide guarantees for whichever product we sell to our customers in order to enable them to feel secure and satisfied when working with us.

At Tex-Time we address the sport and fashion industry for both children and adults. Our competent and experienced sales representatives do their utmost to service our customers in the best possible manner. Customer contact and good dialogue are essential when trying to meet expectations and find the best solution for the customer. We know that service and flexibility are crucial factors and by carrying our goods in stock we strive to be able to deliver directly to the customer from one day to the next.

We endeavor to be aware of whatever may be a “must have” on the market at any time so we´re always in a position to be at the leading edge of development and being able to deliver the right goods to the customer.